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Dogs need interaction with other dogs to build positive social behavior, and many dogs need more exercise than just a leash-walk.   Doggy Playgroups allow your dog to enjoy all that Lake Tahoe has to offer; they can run, hike, bike, snowshoe, swim and play off-leash with fellow friendly canines on beautiful mountain trails.   Your dog's outing will be filled with fresh mountain air, social interaction, exercise and play.  They'll get a great workout, make lots of new friends and even learn some new skills while under the strict supervision of a dog care expert.  (Photos)  Each group consists of up to 4 dogs and lasts from 1 to 3 hours depending on the weather conditions and/or nature and location of the group activity.    

        Rates:   $20.00 per dog

        Playgroup Requirements

Reservations and Application Process

To ensure the safety and well being of all dogs at Truckee Tails, each applicant must undergo an initial behavior assessment - during this interview we will take all the relevant information on your dog including a current copy of vaccination records.  Please call or email us set up an appointment for your dog(s)' evaluation.  Participants must have a complete, up-to-date, approved application including vet records on file at all times.    Playgroups are not suitable for dogs who are possessive of objects (balls, sticks, pine cones), dogs who wander and those who don't respond to basic voice commands.  Dogs who display fear or excessive shyness with strangers will not be admitted, nor dogs who display such characteristics as dominance, lack of socialization, high prey drive, resource guarding, or general nuisance behavior (excessive barking or hyperactivity). 

You may choose a regular schedule, or just let us know how often your dog needs us from week to week, however, playgroups often book up several days in advance and we may not have room for your dog if you call at the last minute.  Your dog will generally be picked up and dropped off between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Playgroups are not available during holiday periods.  

There is no charge if you give 48 HOURS NOTICE of cancellation, however, a full charge will apply for last minute cancellations or failure to provide access to your dog on playgroup day as your dog's spot could have been given to another client.  


Your dog will be picked up and dropped off at a location of your choice (home, office, cabin).   We provide
FREE PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF SERVICE within Tahoe Donner and Prosser.   

Snow/Rain Policy

There will be no group walks on “snow days” because the roads are not safely navigable nor is there sufficient parking at trailheads.*   A snow day will be declared anytime it has snowed the previous evening and weather forecasts are calling for severe weather to continue, and/or if it is continuously snowing that morning or if any other conditions exist which make road travel unsafe.  The decision to call a snow day will not be made until after a careful analysis of current weather and road conditions in Tahoe Donner including all major and minor arteries.  You will be notified of a snow day via phone or email.  A Truckee Tails snow day may still be called even if it is not a snow day for the local school system, because school buses travel major arteries (which are plowed first) and the “Truckee Tails bus” must be able to safely get up and down all of your streets and access trails that are safely navigable for the dogs.  If it is sunny and not snowing the day after a storm, I will attempt to pick up your dogs once all roads have been sufficiently plowed.  After big storms the Town only plows a “single cut” (ie. one lane) on most Tahoe Donner streets in the morning so that people can get out to work and to the ski resorts.  When the streets are only one lane wide and there are huge snowbanks further reducing visibility it is not safe to carry dogs in my car and risk a head-on collision.   If a snow day is predicted  and your dog is home for more than 8 hours without access to the outdoors, please notify me in advance that you require a potty break.   Potty breaks are billed at the regular playgroup rate.    * This policy also applies during periods of heavy, continuous rain.